Friday, October 29, 2010

I Want Candy!

Halloween is just around the corner. This brings back some really fond memories for this fat girl. I loved candy when I was younger (still do but I have better taste in the KIND of candy I eat).

When I was a teenager I would eat it in bed and hide the wrappers behind my headboard. I did this because I knew I wasnt supposed to have it. It was like crack.

I used to go trick or treating with my older brother. We are five years apart and we went trick-or-treating together. We would gets lots of candy and then mom would check it over to make sure there were no needles or razor blades or poison and then we got to trade and eat what we wanted. I remember being very selective of my candy and would just HATE it when I got candy that I didnt like!

Indian Brave (Randy) and Buckwheat (Fredda).
 Remember those things called "Bit-O-Honey"? Hated them! Remember those candies in orange or black wax paper that would pull out your fillings? Hated them too! Also hated the butterscotch or peppermint rounds. Licorice? Nasty! I wanted the good stuff. The chocolate, the candy bars, and the Smarties, oh yes!
What about you? Do you have certain candies that you secretly pull out of your childs bag and eat? Do you remember a candy that you didn't like? Tell me about it! Leave me a comment!

Quote for the day:  There are two types of people in this world, those who love chocolate and communists.

Listening to:  The Time Warp~ Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. lol...back in our day they used to give you the big candybars. the regular size ones. now they give you "bites"....i mean come on! really???? lol. i think everybody hated those candies in the black & orange wax paper. not sure why the company that makes them is still in business. i go for the chocolate too...butterfingers, reeses cups, almond joys! halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. i have so many good memories of trick-or-treatin with my sister and brother. it was back in the day when we could go out on our own. we would be gone for hours. we used pillow cases for bags and they would be half full by the time we got home. ahhhhh.....those were the days!

  2. I love bit-o-honey and those mysterious candies in the orange and black wrappers...go figure. This year there will be no candy for me, unless I could somehow make it into a protein shake! No guess not :(