Monday, October 4, 2010


This is my baby. Any pictures of him make my heart swell with pride. I've been told that he is just like me.

I've also been told that I shouldn't let him go barefoot? Am I a bad mommy because I do? He hates wearing shoes. So do I. Yes, he is just like me. In more ways than one.

He absolutely LOVES to pick his nose. He also likes to share what he finds in there.

 Can you see the look of concentration on his face?  That is how you can tell a pro from an ameteur.

(insert sigh) I just adore my boys. I also love the fact that they are nose-pickers. It runs in the family. Anyone who knows my cousin Jonathan will agree.

Quote of the day: Well, sometimes I say something mean to my brother, but I feel really good inside. Does that mean I'm a hypocrite?" -- 7 year old girl, after a Sunday School teacher explained that a hypocrite was someone who says one thing but feels something else.

Listening to:  Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley


  1. Oh the things little boys find! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We do have alot in common, amazing isn't it? I wish you continued success on your journey and hope to keep in touch.

  2. Sushi Sue..........October 7, 2010 at 1:09 PM

    lol....the little booger pickers! i've got a couple of them at my house too. only it drives me nuts!!! lol. i'm continually poppin hands, saying....GET OUTTA THERE!!! oh and i love the your new little subtitle up there. the "one brain fart at a time" is what got me gigglin. that's how i live my brain fart at a time! :o))))