Monday, January 31, 2011

F is for...

F is for FOOD!

Many overweight people have a very unhealthy relationship with food. Food, over the years, has evolved from the necessity that it once was. It has become a source of comfort as well. Just think about it.

Sports events (Superbowl)
Church events

Do I need to continue? Most every celebration includes food.

WLS patients have to learn how to change the relationship that they had previously with food. Essentially you are forced to change. You can not eat a bag of chips when you feel bad. You can only have a handful or else you'll throw up the rest. You can't have a half pint of ice cream either (you're lucky if you can eat it at all). Umm hello dumping syndrome . WLS makes you face the head issues that caused you to develop the unhealthy relationship with food to begin with. Now do you see why it's not an "easy way out"?
I believe that my issues with food will be a life-long battle (as with any addiction). I also believe that learning about and facing the issues is an essential part to being successful.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

E is for...

E is for exercise!

It is amazing how much more willing you are to exercise when you aren't carrying so much excess weight around with you. My previous exercise plan had been put on the back burner (due to abnormally weird NC weather) but I will soon be out and running again!
Exercise, when you are overweight, is a vicious cycle. The more overweight you get, the harder it is to be physically active, and let's face it...that's when you need to be MORE active.

Apart from the serious gravitational pull on my boobs, and the pain if they aren't strapped down well supported, exercise is fun for me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tacos de Lengua (Tongue Tacos)

Yes, you read that right.


Bear with me people.

I promise it tastes just like roast beef. Really!

Many countries because of poverty (mainly) use all of the edible parts of an animal when it is killed. In Mexico the tongue is eaten (as well as other unmentionable parts).

My first time eating tongue tacos was when Luis and I were dating. He had prepared tongue before and offered it to me, but I never wanted to try it due to it looking weird. He never seemed offended...just determined. One day while we were out we stopped by a taqueria (place where tacos are made) and bought us a few for lunch. Luis ordered them and brought them out to the car to-go. I ate them (not knowing they were tongue) and really enjoyed them. When I finished Luis just grinned at me and asked how I liked the tacos. I said they were good. He then told me that they were made from cow's tongue. I have since prepared tongue at home and now enjoy occaisionally a tongue taco. Here is my recipe.

Take one fresh cow tongue.

Sorry, not quite THAT fresh.

That's better. One cow tongue (fresh or frozen) whatever floats your boat. Put it in a pot with a little beef broth and with a bay leaf and salt to season. Boil it for an hour or two.

Remove it from the pot when it is thoroughly cooked and looks like this. (yummy huh?)

Get yourself two of these primative-looking tools.

With the forks and maybe a knife (if needed) pull off the outer layer of skin and gristle on the tongue. See the yummy roast-beef looking meat under there?

This is what it should look like when you're done peeling it. Now shred it up with the forks.

This is what you'll have when you're finished. The meat is edible now but is very soft in texture ( like boiled meat tends to be). Put it in a pan with a little bit of olive oil. Fry it until it begins to get crispy on the edges. Salt it if needed.

Now for the rest of the cast of charecters:

Wash, then chop the cilantro and onion together. Slice the lime into wedges

Heat some corn tortillas and pile some meat into it.

Top off the taco with a little cilantro and onion, a squeeze of lime and a dash of salt. Enjoy!

Now wasn't so bad, was it?  :O)

Monday, January 10, 2011

D is for...

D is for dining out.

There's nothing more fun than being a fat girl dining out. The waiter/waitress, people you are with, and even the nosy people at the next booth eavesdrop to hear what you order. Then they whisper about it. They analyze it. Order a salad or light meal and they assume you are "dieting again". Order a normal meal and they they smirk about it. Order a large meal and they whisper "no wonder why shes fat". There is no "safe" place to go. Even at Mcdonald's they are expecting you to supersize everything. Once you get your food, people watch how you eat. They watch to see if you eat like a pig, or if you eat slow. The stares are annoying. Even worse though are the comments afterwards. When they take your plate (if you ate everything) the comments is usually "Wow, you must have been hungry." or something else related to the amount that you ate.

I don't mind eating out now. I order what I want and either share or take home leftovers.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

C is for...

C is for camera.

Cameras aren't nice to fat people.  There's this whole procedure of turning a certain way so that the quadruple chin only looks like a double or triple chin. You have to pull your clothes out of the fat rolls. You have to suck in your gut and turn a certain way. *sigh*  Then you (as a fat person) are never content with the end result picture. No wonder I was always the one taking photos of everyone else.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

B is for...

B is for booth.

Restaurant booths to be specific. I hated going out with the family to certain restaurants. The busy restaurants where you didn't have a choice of a booth or table, you took first available. My luck usually got us stuck in a tiny booth where I spent most of my meal having the Heimlich performed by the table. Sometimes I was lucky to have a table that was so tight my boobs were where my plate should have been. I memorized the restaurants that had tables that weren't bolted to the floor. Why you ask?  So that I could discreetly slide the table out and give me more room, of course!

I love going into any restaurant and not having to worry if I will fit in their booths.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A is for...

Today begins my Elementary ABC's of why I had WLS. It will be a series of posts to remind me of all of the good things in life when you lose weight.

A is for airplane.

Airplane bathrooms. Enough said.

Airplane seat belt extenders. I also had to use seat belt extenders. (Airplane seat belts aren't as long as car seat belts) That was never fun. They don't keep them where they are accessible. NOOOOO..You have to ask a stewardess for one, and she's usually clueless or mean and says " Soandso, Where are the seat belt extenders"? in a loud voice so all other passengers get to turn and gawk at the fat person who doesn't fit in a normal seat belt.

Airplane tray tables. I couldn't lay the tray table down (to eat or for a laptop) because of my belly.

Airplane middle seats. The middle seats are notoriously smaller than the window or aisle seat. Why? Now I don't have to worry.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 Month Surgiversary

What a journey the past 6 months have been!  I've been seriously working hard on dealing with the head issues. This mind of mine is a very crazy place to be! The weight loss has stalled again but I feel fairly well. I think it might have something to do with the holidays?!?!

 Of course, I'm still dealing with the hair issues.... I have been in a funk recently of feeling kinda sorry for myself so I am going to commit (part of my resolution) to blog more. I am beginning a list of reasons to remind myself of WHY I did this. :O) Stay tuned!

Quote of the day: Don't trade what you want most, for what you want at the moment.
Listening to: Don't Go Away Mad by Motley Crue

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! (1:11am 1/1/11)

Yes I am crazy enough to post this! I guess I wanted to be the first to wish you all a Happy New Year at 1:11am on 1/1/11.

Yes I am weird like that.

Yes I have a new picture for a new year!

And yes, I am wearing a wig! Shhhh don't tell anyone!

I finally am in "Onederland". I actually made it today. I was hoping it would be earlier (read by Christmas) but nevertheless, I am glad I have reached one of my goals. Onederland, for those of you do not know, simply means that I am now weighing in the one-hundreds instead of the two-hundreds. It has been 15 years since I have been in Onderland. I had to take a picture to prove it.

(and FYI no I am NOT rounding the number). That's my choice. Now, tomorrow when I wake up it will probably be reading 198 or so. But I wanted it to be this year, and it was by gosh!

My journey thus far has been totally worth it, and I anxiously await all of the wonderful blessings 2011 brings.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that you feel blessed and loved, and have few worries. I hope that your old wounds heal and no new ones form. Remember to forgive yourself and others, weather they deserve it or not. God bless!