Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New photos

While I was looking through a family members Facebook album I found a few photos of me that were taken Easter 2010. This was just a few months before my surgery. At first, the photos made me a little emotional. Can you guess why?
 I look at this photo and I can still feel how uncomfortable it was to walk. I see this and don't want to ever be that big again. I couldn't keep up with my kids or my husband. I was always lagging behind asking them to wait for me. I slowed them down. You can tell in the photo that I am chasing after Nicolas.

Here is a frontal view where I am sure that I am explaining to Nicolas why he can't pick up big sticks. I am thankful that I found these photos, believe it or not. When you are fat, you don't want anyone take your photo. When they insist on getting your picture, you pose with your chin up (so the double chin doesn't look as big) you stand a certain way, you have to fix your clothes and make sure that clothing is not stuck in a roll of fat, etc. It takes preparation!!!!!

What I have taken from this is that these photos is exactly how OTHER people saw me.....not how I saw myself.   

I can see a difference, but most importantly I can FEEL the difference!

Quote of the day: "We all have changes in our life that are more or less, a second chance." - Harrison Ford

Listening to "Kiss the Rain" by Billie Myers

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