Friday, August 20, 2010

Post Op Pizza Bites

Last night (after dinner) I decided to try some of "Eggface's Pizza Bites". The were absolutely yummy! The recipe makes 24 mini bites. Like I said, I  made them AFTER dinner so I will be freezing some of them. I believe they will be something yummy that I can put into the kids lunch boxes. I usually don't take pictures of my food either, but since I wasn't planning on eating these bites just yet, I thought I would try. These little bites are yummy and cheesy and I can't wait to try dipping them in some warm pizza sauce! If you'd like the recipe check out Shelly's website and there are tons of different versions of bites to try! is the place to find it. There is a link on the left that says "Bites". I cant wait to try one with spinach!!!!

On another note, I have been having trouble getting in all of my protein and liquids in a day. I am remembering to take my vitamins better but it seems I am just not hungry. When you don't feel like eating you don't think of eating and therefore time just passes you by. I have found that if I skip a meal (or two) that I am starving by evening and then I eat too fast and THEN something gets STUCK because I didn't chew my food well enough! I have had a few bouts with this and I know it comes from not chewing my food enough or eating meat that is too dry. There are fewer things that feel worse than when a lump of  food gets stuck. It is the worse kind of pressure right behind your breastbone and it hurts to breathe. You want to vomit! Yuck. Sorry to bore with gross details, but this is just my way of re-enforcing what I learned pre-op. I figured out that "Your stomach will treat you the way you treat it". In other words, if I am nice to my pouch and put healthy, well-chewed food into likes me. If I put un-healthy or not-well-chewed food into it, well, it not-so-politely reminds me what I did wrong! It is a continuous learning experience.

Quote of the day: "You learn something every day if you pay attention."

Song of the day: "Red Red Wine" by UB40

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