Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rules, Rules, Rules

Today I am going to go over some of the rules that a gastric bypass patient must follow. Many friends and family members aren't aware of these simple, yet life changing, rules. The most important are what my nutritionist referred to the "Rules of 30". They are as follows:
1.) Chew your food 30 times before swallowing.  I have become somewhat accustomed to this rule. It has taken me awhile but I now for the most part follow this rule. Unless of course I am eating applesauce :O) The obvious reasoning behind this rule is first, there are very few people who chew their food thoroughly. Second, the majority of my stomach was cut away and what I have left produces very little stomach acid. We all know that acid is needed to digest food. There are also digestive enzymes in our saliva and by chewing our food well, our saliva helps begin food breakdown for when it reaches my pouch.
2.) Take 30 minutes to eat your meal. This rule is to help slow down one's eating habits. Also included in this rule is that meals CAN NOT be eaten in front of the TV, on the go, or in front of a computer. Now, in my house we always eat at the dining room table so it was not a problem implementing this rule.
3.) Nothing to drink 30 minutes before a meal. This rule isn't too hard to follow either. Obviously, if I were to drink a big glass of water before my meal, I would have no room for my food. Remember my pouch (stomach) is the size of an egg which equals to about a 3oz capacity. These 30 minutes allow my pouch to be empty for a meal.
4.) Nothing to drink during a meal. Yes, you read it correctly. LOL This has been my hardest challenge by far. I typically would drink 48oz or more WITH MY MEAL. I would cool off my mouth after biting something hot, eating something spicy, wash food down, etc. I terribly miss the feeling of an ice cold drink with my meal. I will occasionally take a "sip" of something, but most often I don't even have a drink at the table. Now, there are several reasons behind this rule. Firstly, when people don't chew thoroughly they tend to wash the food down with a gulp of their drink. Second, if I were drinking with my meal, the liquid would take up precious space (remember 3oz capacity?) in my pouch. Third, if I were to drink with my food it would make it "soupy" and slosh right out of my pouch into my small intestines. Thus causing me to be hungry before it is time to eat again.
5.) Nothing to drink 30 minutes after a meal. Again, this has everything to do with making the food soupy and washing out of my pouch before proper digesting.  I have found that this rule is tricky. Depending on what I eat, I find that I am very thirsty after a meal. Proper hydration helps with this but does not curb the thirst totally.

Ok, enough of the rules! These have become part of my "lifestyle changes" and I believe that they are helpful. They are also what my nut recommends and if I am going to do this....well, I"m going to do it the right way! Otherwise, I am setting myself up for failure and I believe I have failed with my weight enough in life.

Quote of the day: "The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule.”

Song of the day: "Unskinny Bop" by Poison

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