Friday, January 7, 2011

A is for...

Today begins my Elementary ABC's of why I had WLS. It will be a series of posts to remind me of all of the good things in life when you lose weight.

A is for airplane.

Airplane bathrooms. Enough said.

Airplane seat belt extenders. I also had to use seat belt extenders. (Airplane seat belts aren't as long as car seat belts) That was never fun. They don't keep them where they are accessible. NOOOOO..You have to ask a stewardess for one, and she's usually clueless or mean and says " Soandso, Where are the seat belt extenders"? in a loud voice so all other passengers get to turn and gawk at the fat person who doesn't fit in a normal seat belt.

Airplane tray tables. I couldn't lay the tray table down (to eat or for a laptop) because of my belly.

Airplane middle seats. The middle seats are notoriously smaller than the window or aisle seat. Why? Now I don't have to worry.

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