Monday, January 10, 2011

D is for...

D is for dining out.

There's nothing more fun than being a fat girl dining out. The waiter/waitress, people you are with, and even the nosy people at the next booth eavesdrop to hear what you order. Then they whisper about it. They analyze it. Order a salad or light meal and they assume you are "dieting again". Order a normal meal and they they smirk about it. Order a large meal and they whisper "no wonder why shes fat". There is no "safe" place to go. Even at Mcdonald's they are expecting you to supersize everything. Once you get your food, people watch how you eat. They watch to see if you eat like a pig, or if you eat slow. The stares are annoying. Even worse though are the comments afterwards. When they take your plate (if you ate everything) the comments is usually "Wow, you must have been hungry." or something else related to the amount that you ate.

I don't mind eating out now. I order what I want and either share or take home leftovers.

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  1. fredda...i'm sorry you've had to go thru that. people are mean. really. i am so proud of all your hard work. keep it up and keep smiling that beautiful smile. don't ever let anybody make you feel you're less of person for any reason!!!!