Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random thoughts...

I decided to talk about something that has gotten me discouraged lately. Its called a plateau. It is where weight loss stops or drastically slows down. (yes I said stops). I know this is normal, but it still scares me.

According to the surgeon your body thinks that it is starving and weight loss ceases for a period of time so the body can adapt itself. Mine hasn't totally stopped because I have lost almost 10 pounds this month. Compared to 35 my first month, 15 the second, 10 the third, now about 9 pounds. You can see how it could concern me. I am taking measures to still reach my goal which is achievable. I will be in "Onederland" by Christmas though!

I have increased my protein intake and increased my exercise as well (trying to counteract the plateau). Can you believe it....Fredda actually RAN! Granted it wasn't a pretty sight and it wasn't very far (total of 1/8 of a mile), but I started. Nathan's mouth fell open and he laughed! It made me feel good to be able to surprise him like that. My kids are my world and I want to be able to play and run with them without being an embarrassment. My exercise routine consists of walking and short spurts of running to accelerate my heart rate. So if you are in Asheboro and need a good laugh come to the SAMS track one evening and watch me (or better yet join me).

Stay tuned for my four month surgiversary photos to be posted this weekend!

Quote of the day: To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Listening to: Look Away by Chicago


  1. Thanks so much for the encouragement. We all know plateaus are usual but that doesn't make it any easier for us. I have always been a "scale" girl and it's going to be hard to only get on that thing once a week. We need to just trust that what we are doing is working even when we can't see it on the scale. Good luck with your running, I look forward to doing some myself.

  2. don't get discouraged fredda! just keep doing what you're doing. plateau's happen to everybody. give your body a chance to catch up & realize what your mind and heart have planned for it. you're dedicated to being the best you for yourself & your family so it WILL happen! love ya!